Drone Lab Mission

The mission of the University of Idaho Drone Lab is to serve as a hub for drone-related activities and provide a pool of drones, sensors, equipment, software, and knowledge to support the use of drones in high-quality research and teaching across all University departments.

The Drone Lab will accomplish its mission by providing:

  • Shared Resources including drones, sensors, batteries, survey equipment, and software
  • Fabrication and Repair Facilities to create sensor mounts and maintain drones
  • Training and Support for regulatory compliance, flight operations, and data processing
  • Facilities and expertise for geometric and radiometric Calibration of Sensors
  • Resources and knowledge for drone Data Management and Visualization
  • Collaborative Research Space where faculty, staff, and students can meet
  • A Knowledge Hub that leverages the collective drone experience across campus
  • Outreach Opportunities for engaging students and the public across Idaho

Contact us if you have a drone-related announcement or activity you would like to share.


Upcoming Events

Our Location

IRIC 205

Drone Lab PI:

Dr. Jason Karl