Close-range Photogrammetry

Not drones, but still cool! You can use the same structure-from-motion software we use to process drone imagery to create 3D models from overlapping photographs of an object.

To date we’ve dealt with aerial imagery taken from a drone for creating mapping products. For this lab, we’re going to use photos taken of an object with the intent of creating a 3D model of that object. We call this close-range photogrammetry. It uses the same principles of photogrammetry and structure-from-motion that we’ve already learned about, but the application is a bit different, and we’ll use some different tools in Metashape.

For this lab, you’ll need to download the photos at the link below, and also download the files attached here (the .prj file and the .csv file, specifically). I’ve also included a PDf of the turntable grid that’s used in this lab in case you want/need it in the future – it makes things a lot easier for close-range photogrammetry. 

Lab Document
Lab Dataset
lab video