Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting Workshop

Using drones in the context of natural resource management

Date: March 19, 2019

Led by:  Jason Karl (UI-CNR), Scott Bergen (IDFG)

This event will provide workshop participants with an increased understanding of 1) the utility of drones as a data collection platform for natural resource management, and 2) the steps and processes involved in successfully collecting and analyzing data from drones.

NW Science Association Conference Workshop

Rising to new heights: drones, data, and science

Led by:  Jennifer Hinds and Gina Wilson (UI-NKN)

Introductory workshop covering a broad range of topics on the use of drones in natural resources.  Participants will gain an understanding of important regulations, airspace, and weather/terrain factors for successful operations when collecting data. Workshop format includes lecture and hands-on flight planning and data processing (no flying).

Conference dates: March 26-29, 2019