Jason Karl (Drone Lab PI)

Forestry, Rangeland, Fire Sciences
College of Natural Resources

Dr. Karl’s research focuses on how imagery collected from drones can be used for measuring and monitoring rangeland and arid ecosystems. Jason is particularly interested in how drones might be used to improve the measurement of indicators that are challenging to measure using traditional field methods like vegetation biomass and utilization, and soil erosion. Jason leverages graduate and undergraduate students in his research and is always on the lookout for talented students who are interested in contributing. With over 5 years of experience in flying drones and using drone-collected imagery in research, Jason coordinated the establishment of the UI Drone Lab to help facilitate the use of drones in high-impact research by sharing resources and lessons learned.

view from a drone in the sky looking down on person, atv, and rangeland
Vegetation mapped from drone imagery
Vegetation mapped from drone imagery